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Dionne, David, Ryann, Byron & Jeaneen
Dionne, David, Ryann, Byron & Jeaneen

For as long as I could remember I wanted brothers and sisters.  I grew up as an only child and my mother did everything for me.  She’s always been my guardian angel and provided me with all the love, care and things I’d ever need to survive and thrive.  It was just me and her, so I thought.  Around age 8 I found out I had a little sister, Dionne.  She was a couple of years younger.  I had a chance (one) to meet and spend a playdate with her.  I had the time of my life. It was short-lived as it was only for a few hours.  Life happened and we didn’t see or talk to each other for a LONG time.  One day, my wife, Bridget was looking through Facebook for any extended family by using my birth name.  I had mentioned I had a little sister but didn’t know where she lived or anything about her.  After several weeks she came across a picture of a young man named, Byron.  She said, you have to see this.  This guy looks exactly like you.  He has to be related to you.  I looked at the picture and something strange happened.  I was looking at someone that I thought is me. 

Fast forward many months, Byron told Bridget he had an older brother named Ryann.  Bridget reached out to Ryann and he was able to give her a lot of information.  He told her his sister’s name was Dionne.  The Oprah moment began.  Ryann told Bridget they knew they had an older brother named, David Marciano Perry (my former last name).  They prayed we would all get together someday.  It happened, March 2011 we (Dionne, Ryann, Jeaneen, Byron) as families met.  For over forty years I didn’t know I had an older sister Jeaneen, and two younger brothers, Ryann and Byron.  I remember sitting in the car frozen before building up the courage to walk into the hotel lobby we were all meeting at in Columbus, Ohio.  I closed my eyes which were filled with tears of just about every emotion a human could have and then something washed over me like a tidal wave.  I heard a soft comforting voice that said “It’s time”.  I got out of the car, lifted myself and walked in.  From that point on, my prayers were answered.  They were actually answered before I knew it. 

Ryann and his wife, my sister in law, Shannon began conversations about our fitness and exercise experiences.  Aligning our personalities, skills, experiences and strengths, Ryann and I decided to start WE r GroupEx.  We share the passion of helping others and being the best, we can be. 

WE (pun intended), are committed to serving and offering an experience that helps people Move better, Feel better, and Live better.

David Marciano Fullwood
President & Co Founder
WE r GroupEx, Inc.