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Why Group Exercise?

The fitness industry for too long has focused on getting the fit fitter, creating the next craze, the next high intensity workout. We have quite a different focus. For us, it’s about choice, we have 11 programs which will help get people moving and healthier. It’s come down to what type of exercises people will and can do. And do it regularly for life. Our concept takes it from fit, from hope, from hype to reality. The reality being, nearly everyone can move and exercise given they have programs to choose from and, A BIG AND, they have help, support, guidance and encouragement. Group exercise has been an element that has been shown that more people do and are willing to do and stick with for a longer period of time. We want to reach and attract as many people as possible. We won’t discriminate based on skill or fitness level.

We want to help people Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better!